APO - Analysis and Policy Observatory

The Analysis and Policy Observatory provides a platform to users to access public policy research as well as provide information and access to upcoming learning, events and networking opportunities.

Development Pathways Tools (NZ)

The Development Pathways Tool is part of the New Zealand Government’s policy improvement framework. It can help you to identify actions you can take to develop your skills.

Performance Community of Practice

The Performance Community of Practice aims to improve the quality of performance reporting through the Commonwealth Performance Framework.

Canberra Open Data Meetup

The Canberra Open Data Meetup is a Community of Practice which brings together people interested in publishing, promoting or using open data.  The group meets to discuss ways open data can improve as well as share examples, tools and techniques. 

APS Learning and Development (L&D) Community of Practice

The APS L&D Community of Practice meets three times a year in Canberra, and online through a GovTEAMS community.  This Community of Practice is a place for people involved in learning and development to engage, discuss, share, debate and colla

BETA Learn Hub

The BETA Learn Hub, an initiative of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, brings together insights, theories, written resources and courses to build behavioural insights capabilty across the APS.