Design thinking for policy

This site provides information on how to apply design thinking, also known as human-centred design, co-design and participatory design, to policy development.  Design thinking methods approach help

Designing for Public services toolkit (IDEO)

Provides tools and techniques to incorporate design-thinking into public policy development.

Development Pathways Tools (NZ)

The Development Pathways Tool is part of the New Zealand Government’s policy improvement framework. It can help you to identify actions you can take to develop your skills.

Digital and Data Communities of Practice - DTA

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) Communities of Practice bring together like-minded professionals, working in the same fields in government to share ideas, show their work, solve problems an

Getting Evaluation Ready Process (DIIS)

This Evaluation Strategy is a guide to conduct robust and consistent evaluations of programs and policies.

Getting Evaluation Ready Process (DIIS)

A helpful framework to ensure your policy is able to be evaluated against its objectives, benefits and risks.

Innovation Toolkit (Nesta)

Nesta's online toolkit provides tools and resources to encourage innovative policy development.

Innovative policy development around the world

This site provides information and links to innovation organisations from around the world, including access to their tools and techniques.

Legislation Handbook

The purpose of this handbook is to provide a description of the procedures involved in making Commonwealth Acts, especially the procedures coordinated by the Department of Prime Minister and

Open Policy Making Toolkit (UK)

The Open Policy Making Toolkit is a product of the UK Government's Open Policy Lab. Access a range of tools and techniques to assist the policy development process.

Performance Community of Practice

The Performance Community of Practice aims to improve the quality of performance reporting through the Commonwealth Performance Framework.

PM&C Project Office Methodology and Toolkits

The Project Office, a small consultancy-style team within the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet which supports the department with additional capacity to respond to policy problems and g

Policy Assurance Checklist

The '5 Minute Policy Checklist' is to help staff in undertaking a quick 'reality check' on policy advice being prepared or considered.

Policy development templates - Idea on a Page

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS) have offered some templates to help articulate:

Policy Implementation Guidance

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has developed a site with information and toolkits to support the development of new policy and successful implementation throughout the polic

Policy Improvement Frameworks (New Zealand Government)

The NZ Policy Project identifed three areas (capability, skills, quality) that can strengthen policy capability and designed three frameworks for reference and improvement of policy advice.  The fr

Policy Lab (UK) Blog

The Open Policy Blog (UK) is an online forum to access and share materials relevant to developing better, more open policy.

Policy Methods Toolbox (NZ)

The Policy Methods Toolbox is a repository of policy development methods that helps policy practitioners identify and select the right approach for their policy initiative.

Policy Professional Capability Standard (IPAA)

The Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) Policy Professional Capability Standard details policy capability standards to assist individual

Public Sector Innovation Network

Get in contact with a professional network of Australian public and academic sector employees with an interest in innovation.