A risk assessment tool to support government consideration of a New Policy Proposal. The Risk Potential Assessment Tool (RPAT) template provides a standardised assessment and presentation of risks in new proposals.

How to use it

The Risk Potential Assessment Tool Guidance Resource Management Guide No. 107 is available to assist you with completing your RPAT.

You must complete a RPAT for each New Policy Proposal with an estimated financial implication of $30 million or more. Where the level of risk before mitigation is ‘medium’ or higher, you must provide a copy of your RPAT to the relevant Finance Agency Advisory Unit in Budget Group. The level of risk will be used to determine whether additional assurance such as an Implementation Readiness Assessment or Gateway Review may be required.

You may opt to complete an RPAT for proposals with a financial implication of less than $30 million if you choose to do so.

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