International tools & processes

OGP Practice Group on Dialogue and Deliberation

The Open Government Partnership’s Practice Group on Dialogue and Deliberation was created to foster and support the use of deliberative practices within the OGP and by its members (national, provincial, regional, and municipal), especially in the

Design thinking for policy

This site provides information on how to apply design thinking, also known as human-centred design, co-design and participatory design, to policy development.  Design thinking methods approach helps incorporate an end user’s perspective into polic

The Policy Project (NZ)

The Policy Project is an initiative of the New Zealand Government to support individual who provide advice to decision makers, access relevant tools, advice and information.  The site includes links to the project’s:

Development Pathways Tools (NZ)

The Development Pathways Tool is part of the New Zealand Government’s policy improvement framework. It can help you to identify actions you can take to develop your skills.

Policy Methods Toolbox (NZ)

The Policy Methods Toolbox is a repository of policy development methods that helps policy practitioners identify and select the right approach for their policy initiative.

Open Policy Making Toolkit (UK)

The Open Policy Making Toolkit is a product of the UK Government's Open Policy Lab. Access a range of tools and techniques to assist the policy development process.

Policy Lab (UK) Blog

The Open Policy Blog (UK) is an online forum to access and share materials relevant to developing better, more open policy. Access real-life examples of innovative policy design and insights.