The Behavioural Economics Team of the Australian Government (BETA), is the Australian Government's central unit for applying behavioural insights (BI) to public policy. BETA's vision is to improve the lives of Australians by putting human behaviour at the heart of government policy.


BETA is one of a growing number of teams across the world applying lessons learned from the field of behavioural insights (BI) to public policy. BETA’s four broad objectives are:

  1. Build APS capability to apply behavioural insights to public policy and administration
  2. Provide advice to government on applications of behavioural insights
  3. Work collaboratively with partner agencies to design and deliver behavioural insights intervention
  4. Conduct rigorous trials and thereby contribute to a culture of evidence based policy advice.
How to use it

BETA works with government teams across the APS on a range of projects to trial the use of behavioural economics. BETA is committed to being open and transparent about the work they do and aims to make their findings public by publishing downloadable reports on their website. To contact BETA email:

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