A Guide to the Right Engagement

This decision tool helps public servants pick the right engagement technique for the problem at hand, and includes a catalogue of such techniques to apply. 

Agile Methodology and Tools

Agile is a project management methodology that can be used to develop policy and support project teams.

ANZSOG Better Evaluation Hub

The ANZSOG Better Evaluation Hub is a centre of expertise developed to strengthen the capacity of the public and not-for-profit sectors to generate and use evaluation and other types of evide

APO - Analysis and Policy Observatory

The Analysis and Policy Observatory provides a platform to users to access public policy research as well as provide information and access to upcoming learning, events and networking opportunities


apolitical is a global learning platform which supports public servants do their jobs through access to courses, articles, events and connections.

APS Learning and Development (L&D) Community of Practice

The APS L&D Community of Practice meets three times a year in Canberra, and online through a GovTEAMS community.  This Community of Practice is a place for people involved in learning and devel

Audit insights - Australian National Audit Office (ANAO)

The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) regularly publishes audit insights which identify and examine common recurring issues, shortcomings and good practice examples.

Australian Government Guide to Regulation

New policy proposals may have a regulatory impact, requiring completion of a Regulation Impact Statement (RIS).

Behavioural Economics and Behavioural Science - Academic Directory

A directory of behavioural economics and behavioural science academics.

Behavioural Insights (NZ)

Behavioural insights tools assist understanding human behaviour, which can inform policy design.

BETA - Behavioural Economics

BETA is an initiative from The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet whose mission is to advance the wellbeing of Australians through the application and rigorous evaluation of behavioural i

BETA Learn Hub

The BETA Learn Hub, an initiative of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, brings together insights, theories, written resources and courses to build behavioural insights capabilt

BetterEvaluation international collaboration

BetterEvaluation is a site which fosters international collaboration which supports the improvement, practice and theory of evaluation by creating and curating information on choosing and using eva

Budget Process and Operational Rules

This site provides information on the Budget, as outlined by the Department of Finance.  The budget process is the decision-making process for allocating public resources to the government’s

Cabinet Handbook (12th Edition)

Rules and processes for developing Cabinet Submissions including cabinet decision-making, documentation requirements, security measures and how to manage Caretaker periods.

Canberra Evaluation Forum

The Canberra Evaluation Forum aims to provide a forum for presentation and discussion on topics regarding policy development, implementation, programme

Canberra Open Data Meetup

The Canberra Open Data Meetup is a Community of Practice which brings together people interested in publishing, promoting or using open data.  The group meets to discuss ways open data can improve

Cost Benefit Analysis

Guidance on undertaking cost-benefit and risk analysis of regulatory proposals to be incorporated into Regulation Impact Statements (RIS).

Deliberation: Getting Policy - Making Out From Behind Closed Doors

This guide, created by the Open Government Partnership Group (OGP), provides thought leadership on public deliberation to help generate conversations and actions on how deliberate practices can con

Delivering Great Policy Starter Kit

Use the 20 questions in the Delivering Great Policy Starter Kit to test if your advice is clear on intent, well informed, practical to implement and influential.