The APS Capability Roadmap (the Roadmap) is the final project output for Phase 1, which aimed to answer the question, ‘How can we lift policy capability across the APS?’ The Roadmap aims to build on the lessons learned from previous APS capability reviews and offer a pathway for sustainable change with a focus on three reinforcing areas:

  • a stronger authorising environment
  • collective ownership
  • common tools to support professional development.

The Roadmap proposes 13 actions to lift APS-wide policy capability. The Roadmap includes:

  • a summary of findings that encapsulate current perspectives of policy advisers and barriers for address
  • early thinking of what ‘great policy looks like’ from an individual, team and process perspective
  • Risks to sustaining efforts to improve policy capability based on lessons learned (NZ and UK).
  • A high-level overview of the Roadmap’s Phase 2 sprint schedule with likely topics and design approaches
  • System-wide benefits associated with investment in policy capability.


Project status