07 February 2020
Photo of text "...seek contributions from subject matter experts - who knows the facts and process?"

We rounded out 2019 having focused on facilitating workshops and synthesising results. We used what you told us to create a model of great policy advice and our first tool the starter kit, and launched in November.

We’ve designed a short and snappy survey which covers a few bases:

  • Uptake and application of the Model of great policy advice and the starter kit
  • How you’d like to interact with us and each other
  • What you need and would like to see next

We are trying to use our own model and make things practical to implement. So, we are asking what you want, and what works for you?

We need your insights, so please take a few moments to fill in our survey. We promise it won’t take you long.

And don’t wait until the last minute - which happens to be Saturday 22 February!