17 January 2020
Image of the Delivering Great Policy Starter Kit

We have 20 questions to help you out!

If this brings back painful memories of childhood car trips, think again – the 20 questions in the Delivering Great Policy starter kit will prompt you to consider each element of the Model of Great Policy Advice. This will help you develop advice that is clear on intent, well informed, practical to implement and influential.

We shared a prototype of the starter kit – a pocket-sized card deck – with attendees at the launch in November*. We’ve now published a one page version of the starter kit on the Policy Hub, so you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Now we need your input to make sure the starter kit works for you. Download it, print it, stick it on your desk (or in your locker, if you’re activity based working). Tell us how you use it, what works and what doesn’t work – we’d love to hear from you: DeliveringGreatPolicy@pmc.gov.au.




*Get in touch if you would also like a limited edition hard copy to keep in your back pocket (rumour has it that Frances Adamson carries one in her handbag).