10 September 2019
Image of people standing around boards reading information.

This week was all about making sense of everything we’ve learnt so far, getting some clarity on what we’re doing, and working through possible models.

What we learned last week

  • A “model” means something different to everyone, and the term itself doesn’t always resonate. We’re playing around with other language (framework, roadmap, journey) and also with a range of different elements that might make up the “model”.
  • We’re being really aggressive with our timeframes. This is great, allowing us to fit in an additional round of workshops so we’re being truly iterative. But it can be stressful, and it means we need to be flexible about how we run things, and open to the idea that we may need to adjust plan from time to time.  This means checking in regularly that we are doing the right thing, not just the easiest or quickest thing.

What happens next

We’re hitting the road - running our next round of workshops in Canberra, Hobart and Townsville, where we’ll test some of our thinking on what delivering great policy advice is all about.