30 August 2019
Various coloured post it notes pinned to a wall looking at fears and challenges about involving others

We are currently working on Sprint #1, co-designing a model of great policy advice; role modelling a way of working.

What we learnt last week

Last week was all about getting ready for our first co-design workshops, while continuing to frame our understanding of the current environment.

Here are some of our key things we’ve been thinking about:

  • When we talk about policy capability, we’re not just talking about individual skills - we mean all the things at the individual, team, organisational and APS-wide levels that enable us to deliver great policy from beginning to end. This includes tools, processes, mindsets, and the operating environment; as well as individual skills.
  • Whatever our great policy model ends up looking like, it needs to be scalable - because great policy advice responds to the context. This may be quick response to emerging issues times or heightened security and risk environments. 
  • We had some practice sharing rough ideas and getting feedback early. It was brought home to everyone how beneficial this is both to those getting and those giving the feedback. It’s something we want to build into future ways of working across the policy spectrum.

What happens next

Our first co-design workshops kick off this week, where we’ll be getting input into what great policy advice looks like, and starting to come up with ways we can get there. Watch this space for updates.