08 November 2019
Image of team members creating displays for the event exhibition.

The team delivering great policy has been busy preparing for today’s launch.  This has meant the past few weeks have been filled with a lot of preparation and anticipation. Our iterative approach involves mocking things up and testing them on a daily basis, and then over multiple days, refining our ideas into reality. Along the way, we have learned that having something tangible to give feedback on makes all the difference.

From the outset, we have been working together to progress our initial few ideas with virtually no content, into strong tangible concepts. To do this, we created physical mockups of our prototypes. This approach helped us to share our ideas with others and get immediate feedback. We found out quickly which ideas might work best. Today, we are excited to be able to showcase these ideas at the launch. The concepts have been designed to get you thinking about how you could apply the approach to delivering great policy to your own work.

Keep an eye out on the Policy Hub in the next few weeks for our event wrap up. We’ll also release of a number of the new tools and tips showcased at the event through the site, including the Delivering Great Policy Starter Kit, the Policy Readiness Tower, along with hot tips from participants at the launch.  You will also hear about how we will be further testing and refining the approach by grounding this work to real-life projects.

In the meantime, we would love to hear your feedback on the Delivering Great Policy approach and the new Policy Hub, especially your ideas on resources or content you would like included.  Make a comment below or get in touch with us at DeliveringGreatPolicy@pmc.gov.au.