10 September 2019
Image of white board with text clouds and heading Magic Wand.

Last week was busy! We ran four workshops.

  • One final session exploring implementation realities with people on the frontline of policy delivery
  • Three generative co-design workshops with over 70 participants from across the APS and academia.

The purpose of the workshops was to get input into our understanding of what great policy advice looks like, and to start exploring ways we might be able to get there. 

What we learnt last week

Most people in our workshops broadly agreed about what makes great policy advice. We had some really open discussions about why we can’t always deliver great policy advice, and what we could do about that.  Some of the things we’re thinking about are:

  • What 'evidence' looks like. It’s not just data, but we have to balance the need for data with lived experience and anecdotes. 
  • How processes need to adapt to the context - for example your approach will be different if you have one week to respond, or six months. 
  • All the ways we could get better at learning from the past (repeating good practice and making changes where things haven’t gone as well).
  • How we can design policy in a way that allows us to adapt the policy as we learn - for example scaled rollouts, or built in checkpoints.

What happens next

Right now we’re making sense of all our workshop data. Once we’ve done that we’ll have a first go at a model of great policy advice (or a series of possible models) that we can test and learn with people over the coming weeks.