06 October 2020
Good Design 2020 Gold Award

Good Design 2020 Gold: A winning Model by design

The Delivering Great Policy Model for Great Policy Advice has been awarded a Good Design Gold accolade in the recent 2020 Good Design Awards. A Gold Award recognises entries that not only meet, but exceed criteria.  

The award was awarded to our delivery partners, Meld Studios, for their work on ensuring the Model was engaging and easy to understand. This award is great recognition of the hard work of those who contributed to the co-design and co-building of the Model - from all APS staff and stakeholders to the project team, together with Meld Studios. It helps to demonstrate the benefits of co-design – building a framework to guide APS-wide policy advice was no easy task, and relied on real perspectives and input from the very people who do policy.

The Delivering Great Policy initiative is now focused on helping policy teams and leaders apply the Model in practice. The Model has widespread application – it can be used by teams to help get clear on their policy objectives, individuals to test the validity of their policy advice, and guide learning and development efforts to upskill policy staff across all levels, to name a few.

If you would like to know more about the initiative, the Model, and potential opportunities to work together, please get in touch with the team: deliveringgreatpolicy@pmc.gov.au.