31 October 2019
Image of people sitting around discussing content on post-it notes.

Last week was a game of iteration. We took what we’ve learned about the elements of great policy advice, and worked through a bunch of different ways to articulate, so that it’s simple to grasp and people can see themselves in it. In the next few weeks we’ll continue to get input on the model we’ve created. It’s an exciting time - after weeks of swimming in the ambiguity we have something solid we’re keen to share.

We also ran testing on different options for how we’ll help you - our users - find what you need on this site.

What happens next

This model is only as good as how well it will work in practice. Following the launch of the prototype on 8 of November, we’ll be testing the model on real-life policy projects over the coming months. This will help us understand what works best in practice.