24 September 2019
Image of people at a workshop reviewing information posted along a wall.

This week we ran workshops in Canberra and Hobart to test and further push our thinking on what delivering great policy advice is all about.

We got some great stuff. It was particularly exciting to get out of Canberra, and hear some different perspectives. The people we met had a really big focus on policy outcomes, and were enthusiastic about engaging citizens in policy development.

We’ve engaged almost 170 people in our co-design so far, from across the APS, state governments and academic institutions. 

This week we also ran a ‘design hack’ to pull together some ideas for how to improve the Policy Hub website for you, our audience.

What happens next

We’re currently in Townsville for another co-design workshop. The rest of the week will be making sense of everything and starting to come up with a draft model.