There are lots of great tools available to help you deliver great policy advice. Some of these we've created specifically, others are publicly available. There's no single tool that does it all, because there's no one right way to approach a policy problem; it depends on context and your own skills and experience.

Best practice policy utilises a range of different methodologies, each backed by international bodies of evidence and experience we can learn from. Link here to some of the key resources for Innovation, Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Behavioural Insights, Evaluation, Engagement, Futures Thinking and more.

Learn from previous policy successes and failures, with this collection of case studies both local and international.

Connecting with people doing similar work is a really valuable way to learn, and you can also help others by sharing your own experiences.

There are plenty of training options so consider what's best for you. Training run through your department may be more tailored to the specific policy challenges you'll face; whereas the APS Academy can open the door to different ways of thinking, and create connections across different departments.