23 November 2021
People at training

Delivering Great Policy Foundations

Overview: 3-4 hour module designed to introduce participants to the key elements of great policy advice. Courses are delivered by policy practitioners alongside a skilled facilitator with a background in policy development.

  • Delivering Great Policy Module 1 – Clear on Intent
  • Delivering Great Policy Module 2 – Well-Informed
  • Delivering Great Policy Module 3 – Practical to Implement
  • Delivering Great Policy Module 4 – Influential

Who should attend: Those starting out, or wanting to brush up on the key features of what makes great policy advice.

Sign up for one module or all four through the APS Academy

Delivering Great Policy Level Up!

For those well-established policy practitioners, Delivering Great Policy Level Up! will be coming to your portfolio soon. Look out for updates in the coming months through the APS Academy

Overview: A full day in-agency workshop for experienced policy practitioners to come together, and be challenged to think more broadly about how best to approach policy issues. A key focus of this day will be a policy challenge you are currently grappling with.

Delivering Great Policy Diagnostic Workshops

Overview: Bespoke workshop tailored to a policy team dealing with a specific policy challenge. Guided by policy practitioners, your team will work through the four elements of the Delivering Great Policy model and identify where best to target efforts to strengthen your policy advice.

How do I attend? Agencies can approach the APS Academy on apsacademy@apsc.gov.au to organise a bespoke 2 hour or half day in-house workshop. It is designed so the whole team (from APS3 to SES Band 1) can attend.