Delivering Great Policy

The model of great policy advice comprises four key elements. They apply to all types of policy, from large scale cross-cutting efforts to smaller localised implementations. The elements are not new. The difference will come with changes to the culture, mindsets, skills, tools and processes that support delivery.

Model of great policy advice

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Graphic for clear on intent

Clear on intent

We are clear on the policy intent and what our role is, so our advice is relevant and focussed on the outcome we're trying to achieve.

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Well informed element graphic

Well informed

We are forward looking and learn from the past. We actively seek multiple and diverse perspectives including from those impacted by the policy, so we have a robust evidence base.

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Practical to implement element graphic

Practical to implement

We work with those involved in implementation and try out multiple options, so we have a practical solution that we have a plan for how to evaluate.

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Our advice is timely and tailored to the audience and context, so it has the best chance of being compelling and understood.

Foundations for readiness

These are the foundations we need to have in place so we are ready to respond when opportunities arise. These things have to change from the way we operate today, in order for us to deliver great policy advice.


“I am enabled to...”

This means leadership that supports and encourages working together as one APS, questioning and trying things out.


“I want to...”

This means approaching our work with curiousity and humility instead of always being the expert; and working smarter within constraints.


“I know how...”

This means expanding our skillset beyond deep subject matter expertise, to be more collaborative and influential.

Tools and processes

“I have what I need...”

This means having access to information and resources; and continuously improving the way we do things.