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This initiative was originally sponsored by the APS Reform Committee of the Secretaries Board, through commissioning of the initial phase of this project which commenced in June 2018. Phase 1 of the project asked the question: ‘How can we lift policy capability across the APS?’.

In July 2019,  the cross-agency team grew to initiate Phase 2, bringing a broad range of expertise and attributes and an aim to support delivery of great policy advice and develop a model for great policy advice. In early November 2019, the project was officially launched. In April 2020, in response to the rapidly changing environment, the project shifted again, retaining a smaller team to progress work supporting policy people as the APS responds to COVID-19.

The project has gone through some significant changes since its inception, including in name (from the APS Policy Capability Project to Delivering Great Policy) and size of the project team, but our focus remains the same. We aim to connect policy people and share practical ways to develop and deliver great policy.

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